Our Process

We believe that the right garden brings people a sense of well-being. If you have a lack of plant knowledge then re-designing your garden can feel daunting, but our aim is to help guide you. We want to make the process easy, and hopefully fun, for you.

Our process varies from client to client, and is bespoke to each individual. Our projects generally begin with concept designs, which then evolve into a final garden design. It is a completely organic process. Everything is hand drawn and tailor-made for the space.

The process will be tailored to your requirements, but might include the following:

  • Talking about plant options
  • Understanding which plants you like
  • Measuring and assessing your garden
  • Creating a garden design plan to scale
  • Making design amends for you based on feedback
  • Sourcing plants for you
"Our design has been sent to some landscapers for quoting and we have received compliments from those professionals for the clarity of the design and spec."

Deanne Pearson- Client, Bedfordshire